What is Shiro Abhyanga

What is Shiro Abhyanga

Dec 29, 2022

Vedics Wellness Rituals

Ayurvedic head massage / Shiro Abhyanga is a specialized therapy mainly focused to vital points (Marma) of head, Neck and shoulders. The head massage induces a state of calm, peace and tranquility and promotes high levels of alertness and concentration.

During the Ayurvedic Head Massage, Ayurvedic oil will be kept for a suitable period on the head of an individual. This is called Moordha taila or application of the oil to Head.

There are four types of Shiro Abhyanga:

  1. Shirobhyanga – anointing the head with oil
  2. Shirodara  – pouring oil on the head
  3. Shirahapichu – keeping a cloth dipped in oil on the head
  4. Shirovasti – oil is kept on the head with the help of a holder

Benefits of Head Oil Massage                             

  • wonderful and beneficial programme for de-stressing the whole body
  • increases the flow of cerebro-spinal fluids, thus strengthening the nervous system
  • a dispersion of toxins from tense and knotted muscles, improvement of blood circulation in previously congested muscles and helps oxygenate the brain
  • Helpful against eyestrain, tinitus, jaw ache and sinusitis, stimulates lymphatic drainage and aids sleep
  • It helps to remove the toxins and other side effects caused by the use of dyes, etc.
  • The massage has the effect of nourishing the hair roots and prevents excessive hair loss

For both men and women, old and young, head massage can be the most relaxing treatment and when combined with neck and shoulder treatments it will leave the client feeling elated