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Rescheduling, Cancellation & Refund Policy

Thank you for choosing Vedics, we very much appreciate your patronage.

We here at Vedics understand that unanticipated events occur in our everyday lives.  Car problem, traffic, family and work issues can interfere with keeping a scheduled appointment.  We are committed to providing you with the best possible treatment experience while maintaining balance and respect for those providing these services.  In view of these considerations, the following policies are in place for mutual protection and respect.


Please arrive for your appointment 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time.  This gives you the time to consult with your practitioner, fill out client forms and also gives you time to relax before your treatment begins.

If late arrival is unavoidable, please notify us as soon as possible and understand your service may have to be shortened for scheduling purposes.  The full service fee will be charged.


If a treatment needs to be rescheduled or cancelled, please notify us 24 hours prior to your appointment time.  This gives us enough time to fill the appointment. If a client fails to cancel before 24 hours, one half of the service fee will be charged.


Unfortunately, we cannot always provide late arrivals with an extension of services time.  In special cases, it may be possible to accommodate a partial or full appointment.  This will be at Vedics discretion and only with proper, advance notification of your late arrival, depending on availability of the appointment slot following.  The full service fee will be charged.


If a client does not arrive by the scheduled appointment time, and does not contact Vedics  this will constitute a “No Show” and the client will be charged the service fee and be asked to pre-pay for future services.


Vedics provides Services to the customers through third party vendors like Spa Week., Spa Boom, Spa Finder, Groupon etc. Failure to attend scheduled appointment will result in loss of their vouchers.

As of 09/01/2016 it is mandatory for clients booking treatments to provide their credit card information.


For compliance with health and safety regulations, product returns are not accepted after purchase.


Vedics Follow "No Refund" Policy to make sure our clients are serious and committed to the treatments. All services, packages and pre-paid treatments are not subject to refunds. If a client is not satisfied with any service be it rendered or un-rendered, the remaining balance can be used towards other services at Vedics . We reserve the right to issue store credit instead of cash or credit back. Vedics try to provide best customer experience in Ayurvedic Industry. For any customer misbehavior this includes but not limited to physical, verbal, abusive, threatening or any other unprofessional behavior, Vedics reserve the right to refuse services to any customer at its sole desecration and the prepaid funds/deposits will be forfeited.

**Thank you in advance for your cooperation in these policies and helping for a smooth operation – Management Vedics **