Live a pain free life with Basthi, an Ayurvedic pain management technique. In general, helps in improving joint comfort. Kati Basti is proven to be effective in various disc disorders. Shiro Basthi-Head /Greeva Basthi-Neck /Kati Basthi-Low Back /Janu Basthi-Knee / Nabi Basthi-Abdominal only(Note: not heart basti will be done at vedics)

      • Please arrive 10-15 min before your appointment.
      • For ayurvedic treatments please do not wear expensive clothes. we use a lot of lot ayurvedic oil.
      • For ayurvedic services, we provide disposable inner garments and robes. 
      • Please keep all your clothes, handbags, shoes, and valuables in clockers and keep the key with you (Vedics is not responsible for lost items).
      • No cell Phones inside the treatment rooms.
      • It is not advised to eat or drink one hour before your treatment.
      • It is not advised to take shower immediately after the treatment.