7 Effective Ways To Reduce Stress

7 Effective Ways To Reduce Stress

Dec 02, 2022

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7 Effective Ways To Reduce Stress

There are several methods on how to reduce stress but the most effective ones are those that will take your mind completely away from your worries. The kind of job you do can give you stress but what makes it worse is when you are worried about different things. Your stress will fizzle out on its own if you can free your mind.

You need to realize that the day you die is the day you will stop having problems. You will worry about how to raise your kids, you will be bothered about their problem right from when they are kids till when they grow. When they have any problem, it will be yours. You will worry about their kids too. All these are not even part of the problems at the office or domestic issues.

The best method to continuously defeat stress is having a mind free of worries. So, the methods suggested below are geared towards freeing your mind of unnecessary worries. Without freeing your mind, no amount of massage sessions can totally get rid of your stress.

1. Listening to music

Music is not only food to the soul, it also has a way of taking your mind off the issue at hand. So, it is quite advisable to spend some hours to listen to your favorite set of musical tracks as a form of relaxation. In fact, some tracks are quite inspirational. They help you see things from a more relieving perspective. Once your mind goes off your worries, whether permanently or temporarily, stress loses its hold on you.

2. Massage session

Massage sessions does not only tackle body pains, it also relaxes the body and reduces stress because you derive some pleasure when your body is being massaged gently, especially if you are a guy and the massage is done by a lady. The soft tender touch goes a long way in curbing your stress. It is just that it can’t be effective if you don’t totally get rid of the worries of your mind.


A few minutes of meditation a day can help to rid your body of anxiety. Continuous anxiety builds the atmosphere where stress thrives. Daily meditation has the ability to alter the brain’s neural pathways to enhance human resilience to stress.

It does not have to be a deep meditation. Simple ones will do. Example of a simple meditation begins with sitting up straight with both feet on the ground. It is done with both eyes closed. Put all your focus on the recital you are about to make. Recite loudly or silently depending on the environment and the time of the day. Choose any positive mantra that suits you. Simple mantras like “I love my life” and “I feel at peace with myself” are just fine. You can make use of one or both of them or come up with yours.

While reciting it, you need to place one hand on your belly for proper synchronization. The recital should align with your thoughts and breaths. As you do it, allow distracting and worrisome thoughts to gradually diffuse out of your mind. You can do it as many times as possible.

4. Daily 5 minute deep breathing session

Wherever you are and whatever times suits you, just make it a habit of taking a 5-minute break to focus all attention on your breathing. It is exactly like the method of meditation above. The only difference is that there is no recital involved in the breathing session.

Sit up straight with both eyes closed. Your feet will be on the floor. Now, put your hand on your belly. Inhale deeply but slowly. The inhalation has to start from your abdomen. Let it work from there to your head. It should be followed by a deep exhalation too. Do it several times with only the right hand on your belly and then repeat the steps with only the left hand on your belly too. Regular deep breathing helps to neutralize stress by reducing the blood pressure and by slowing down the rate of heartbeat.

5.Eat right

Believe it or not, if stress is not curbed at an early stage, it will begin to affect your appetite. So, eating right is also an effective way to combat stress. This is why you should try to avoid sugary snacks. You need to be careful when you notice that your appetite for real meals is dwindling and all you crave is a few snacks. It could be a sign of stress. You need to make enough effort to eat well. You can never go wrong with vegetables and fruits. You should also take fishes that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids because the nutrient reduces the symptoms of stress.

6.Have fun

Another way to kill stress and anxiety is to have fun. There are several sources of fun. You could go clubbing, you can organize a get-together among your friends. You can go see a movie. Just think of whatever makes you happy. Could it be going to watch your favorite sport? The idea is to take off your mind from your worries for a while. Just engage in any kind of social activity that will make you happy and give you fun.

7.Enough Sleep.

Enough Sleep is very important to control stress levels. Having electronic devises turned off at least one hour before going to Bed is very important. Make, sure to listen good things before you go to bed because the last word you here before going to bed is the first thing you remember in the morning.